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Terraforming Ray


Terraforming Ray

Special Mention
  • Year2023
A terraforming architecture, harnessing the energy of Martian winds to cleanse poisonous soil, birthing fertile grounds, and sculpting new landscapes.

Mars is an inhospitable environment due to its strong winds and barren soil. The planet lacks surface water, and it experiences hurricanes called 'Dust Devil' that reshape its terrain. Additionally, the sandy soil on Mars contains toxic peroxides

The ”Terraforming Ray” is a device designed for terraforming, which harnesses energy from Martian winds and purifies the toxic soil, transforming it into fertile ground. Its name derives from the hydrodynamic shape of its rays. By expanding in a coordinated manner, it creates a new landscape with revitalized water and plant life.

Shotaro Hasegawa


Teams members : Megumi Ohno, Nomura Kouki, Imai Tatsuya, Koichi Suma, Agou Taiga, Iwata Kaho, Okuta Tsukasa

I am an architectural designer. During my time in graduate school, I specialized in the history of modern architecture and conducted research on the correlation between architecture and Catholicism in the modern era. Currently, I am employed as a designer at a Japanese construction company, primarily focusing on laboratory and office building projects. Through my work, I strive to continuously broaden my knowledge in the integration of design and engineering.