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The Aquatelier


The Aquatelier

  • Year2023
A facility for scientists and the youth to pioneer a symbiotic relationship with nature, forming a new era of coexistence with safeguarding the ocean.

Should we consider living in symbiotic relationship with the ocean?  We  must balance resource extraction with environmental preservation, enabling both societal progress and flourishing marine life. The AQUATELIER is inspired by the beaver, a key stone animals that build an entire biodome as a good result of building its own home. The projects is a researching and training center that employs diverse methods, trains volunteers, and implements large-scale rescue and protection techniques. Activities include controlling coral habitat temperature and expanding plankton and marine animal habitats

Nguyen Doan Bang

Nguyen Doan

Bang, an individual with a great passion for architecture, embarked on his journey at the age of 19. He secured a scholarship to pursue a Bachelor's degree in Architecture in Budapest, Hungary in a fully Hungarian course. After 5 years, he successfully completed his degree with honors. His graduation project gained recognition as one of the top 50 projects worldwide, apparised by the Tamayouz Excellence Award.

He had one year working at an architectural firm in Budapest and now at DP Architects