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The clock bridge hotel Building Sinking, Symbol Rising


The clock bridge hotel Building Sinking, Symbol Rising

Sea Level Rise
  • Year2015
  • LocationMaldives

A resort on an sinking island of Maldives in memo of the sea level rising. Since the Maldives can be the first island country that submerged in the near future, I wanted to record the gradually rising process where people can go to enjoy a scenery different from every last time.

The designed bridge which acting likes a needle on a clock both visually and functionally memorizing the environment change due to human activities. The rotation is empowered by the floating force, Thus pointing to each island indicating every past decades. From recording the influence of the global warming, people may pay more attention to how their own behavior and the feedback from time of people themselves may influence the future.

With the process of the submerging, some parts of the basement will gradually becoming underwater, since the pressure and position are changing from above water to under, the way those space serves will radically change from open space to inner pool or from glass tank to underwater aquarium which provides a various diversity of the spatial organization.