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The Portal: Analog & habitat hub for Mars exploration


The Portal: Analog & habitat hub for Mars exploration

  • Year2023
The Portal: Unveiling Martian Mysteries, an Analog & Habitat Hub that Melds Reality with Spatial/Time Technological Doorways, akin to Sci-Fi Films.

The Portal is an architectural marvel destined for the red sands of Mars, transcending reality with a sci-fi-inspired design. Wormhole-like topography lines gracefully traverse Martian landscapes, adapting seamlessly to diverse terrains. It's a hub of innovation, focusing on ISRU, health, agriculture, and community engagement. Sustainable in utilizing Martian materials, 3D printing, and inflatable elements and inclusive in prioritizing women's health, embodying exploration, sustainability, and gender equity in space. "The Portal" epitomizes human ingenuity shaping the future of Martian living.

Ghalia Al Eses


An ambitious 4th Architecture student at Al Hussein Technical University, School of Built Environment Engineering with a passion for pushing boundaries! I have maintained a perfect 4.0/4.0 GPA, earning a full-ride for my academic excellence in high school with a perfect score of 100/100.

I strive to expand my horizons through architecture competitions, I won three competitions so far, notably, I secured first place in the JSRI analogue space centre architecture competition in Wadi Rum.