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The stormscraper The stormhunter


The stormscraper The stormhunter

  • Year2013
  • LocationOcean

The project Stormscraper is a superstructure electric propulsion, elegant and independent, which captures energy from ocean storms and the power of the sun. Once restored, this energy is harnessed as fuel by freight carriers, cruise ships or submarines equipped with electric propulsion. Stations navigate between unstable tropical climatic zones, and the major shipping routes.

It's aerodynamic architecture is Inspired by the grace of the manta ray, the silhouette of the project also refers to the original experience of Benjamin Franklin, pioneer of understanding of storm phenomena where he put out the electrical nature of lightning in using a kite and a metal key. Lines Stormscraper also based on those catamarans competition. Its two hulls provide optimum stability at rest. Hydrofoils attached to its sides and rear fins allows him to quickly reach areas of atmospheric disturbances.

Hydro and aerodynamic shape serves the purpose. Technology allows the building hydrofoils to rise above the water and not be affected waves. He finds himself in direct contact with cloud masses and trigger lightning with spikes in gold, highly conductive, and positively ionized. Mobility Stormscraper also allows ships to avoid dangerous berthing. The structure forms an arch under which ships are electric powered “plug” to recharge their batteries. The symbolism of the ark reinforces the status area replenishment. The extent of the roof has a very large surface area which are installed on solar energy collectors.

The major part of the building is dedicated to energy storage. There is also a center for automated steering units survival, an experimental weather station, and a center of naval assistance.

This project is a dreamlike vision that suggests to open the field of possibilities for recovery of natural and clean energy, especially around our oceans.


Team members: Thomas Yvon - Zarko Uzlac