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The TENement Home for Ten in Mars


The TENement Home for Ten in Mars

CityFuturisticLife in spaceMarsMovableMoving Building
  • Year2016
  • LocationMars

In response to the leap of technology today, where we are keen to believe that we can land on Mars in the near future, the project visionaries a dwelling prototype for the first batch of a number of 10 inhabitants landing on Mars, hence the name TENement.

We see the opportunity to make this dwelling prototype deployable and lightweight. Hence, the pneumatic structure is applied in the design. When the core is landed onto the surface of Mars, batches of pneumatic membranes will be thrown out and inflated with gases available. Then pillar-like footing will be extended to adapt to the rough land.

Programs are strategically laid out, and being categorized into WORK, LIVING, GROW, and STORAGE. The center of the prototype is the dominator, which is purposed for laboratory work. Then the three pneumatic structures are spread evenly and connected with corridors.

We are also aware of the potential in expanding the project. Hence, the prototype is designed to be expandable in term of the number of inhabitants. Modules can be linked to the original prototype to allow further development. Hence, colonization of the area for living. TENement to be HUNDREDnement.