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Trabelsi A floating hotel


Trabelsi A floating hotel

  • Year2013
  • LocationSea, rivers, Lagoon

The project involves the creation of a floating hotel that must be a work of high technology with a multitude of aesthetic advantages. Responding to a new form of tourism, the hotel is completely environmentally friendly. This architecture meets the vocation of a healthy, ecological, economic life and the supposed improvement in quality of life.

Camouflaged by lush greenery, the hotel must appear from afar like a green island in the open sea is served by boats without carbon rejection. This alternative not only meets environmental criteria, but also the needs and problems of tourism by building energy efficient, durable, and using renewable energies.

This project provides unsinkable spaces, half water and half land. The spaces on the water offer various hotel services, as well as beautiful pedestrian walks with panoramic views. Spaces under the sea are luxury suites, a restaurant, offering a view of the elusive rich seabed site.

Contrary to popular belief, building a floating hotel is not expensive.

The hotel is designed to be self-sufficient. It meets the criteria for compliance with the climate, biodiversity, water and health. The project uses marine energy to produce its energy independence. Indeed, combining the energy of biomass and tidal power, the project also has many solar panels and hydraulic turbines. This island does not emit carbon because it possess all renewable energies: solar, thermal, photovoltaic, hydraulic ... The total energy produced could be greater than the consumption of the hotel.


A young architect graduated from the ENSA Nantes