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Twin atlas a second home


Twin atlas a second home

  • Year2016
  • LocationSpace

Space exploration relies on the ability to live for long periods in adverse conditions. The different solutions usually envisioned for this matter present people occupying a hostile planet with highly functional and mechanical habitats, terraforming for several decades, or inhabiting a colossal and utopic structure in space.

Nevertheless, these ideas display people dwelling in cold machines, requiring an entire planetary system to be adapted to sustain human life or stations dependent of endless investments in order to create comfortable conditions. TWIN ATLAS is a space station that uses the least amount of means in to produce an Earth-like environment. It presents the settings of a natural territory, submerging its inhabitants in a life where they are able to live in a traditional house, walk in mountains, lose themselves in forests, breathe fresh air and swim in crystal-clear lakes.

TWIN ATLAS is a structure designed with the minimum dimensions to generate artificial gravity. It rotates once every minute in a diameter of 2km, allowing each end of the axis to have the proper means to craft an analog reality to Earth. Each habitat is closed in glass, being possible to control light and temperature, therefore gathering the conditions to produce and sustain an atmosphere. After that, it is the human occupation that allows it to have a self-sufficient system, where all the waste produced by people is processed by natural elements, which will later generate the necessary food, water, air and energy.

TWIN ATLAS” hourglass shape is the smallest possible shape to produce these conditions, with a continuous structure made of mineral materials found in space.

TWIN ATLAS is the space station that makes available a new way of living in space. It offers a clean and natural environment for space explorers, while being innocuous to all the surrounding planets.

Francisco JoГЈo

Team : Ana Rita Gomes