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UNSS Genesis Future Foundation of Space Exploration


UNSS Genesis Future Foundation of Space Exploration

FuturisticInfrastructureLife in spaceOrbital
  • Year2016
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Its is humanity's destiny to expand its presence in the universe. Our ambition and advancement will drive us to uncover the secrets of distant planets and systems, searching for new homes and resources scattered in the distant beyond. The foundation of this future rests upon the UNSS Genesis: the grand step in propelling our capabilities of constructing and launching missions into space. Its bold design, although massive, is made possible by its multifaceted assembly procedure, of which safety and tangibility has been carefully considered. Equipped with critical elements like a space elevator and long term habitats, the UNSS Genesis will be the first of its kind to streamline space exploration. By replacing traditional surface-to-orbit launches, the completed UNSS Genesis will enable alternative sustainable solutions for our spaceships to break the Earth's atmosphere launching directly from orbit saving fuel and consequential emissions. In a single month, the UNSS Genesis could be transporting people and supplies from Earth into the space station, constructing and maintaining satellites and spaceships aboard its factories, serving as a hub for research and exploration missions, and finally self-sustaining by harvesting solar energy and recycling air and water.

This extraordinary feat will require the cooperation of nations and a multidisciplinary spectrum of specialists to create its impressive diversity of structures and functions. It will inspire interest and participation of the public towards humanity's bright future in space while standing as a monumental landmark architecture symbolizing a literal bridge between our present on Earth and our future elsewhere.

JIi Song

Team : Kevin XU Dedicated, self-motivated, and creative fourth year undergraduate student double majoring in architectural design and mathematics. I am equipped with diversified skills include effective use of different 3-D designing software programs, as well as the other supplementary programs. Excellent project analysis, presentation, and communication skills developed while working on projects, case studies, and assignments in architectural design program. I maintain the initial ideas and concepts of projects throughout the working period while ensuring timely completion of deadlines.