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Vortex lungs Infrastructure for re-oxygenation Oceans


Vortex lungs Infrastructure for re-oxygenation Oceans

  • Year2013
  • LocationSea

Located in the “dead zones,” regions of the oceans with so low level of oxygen that aquatic life can not survive. Vortex Lungs plan to prevent the development of this phenomenon. Self-sufficient, the project uses the movement of the waves to create energy. And autonomous and independent, these structures will be designed to clean and re-oxygenate the oceans.

Harvesting the algae and waste which can then be collected by a boat service, Vortex Lungs not only clean the oceans, but bring a source of bioenergy through algae. In moving to the surface structures mix oxygen in the atmosphere with water, thereby creating a balance in the upper layers to be subsequently returned to the bottom through the structure.


Team Member: Nina Uljarevic