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Water floating Structure A place to rest


Water floating Structure A place to rest

  • Year2013
  • LocationCoasts

The structure represents the system of normal hexagons which are customized to the asymmetrical shape of relief. The spheres are located on crossings which represent the main bulks of the structure, and the corridors connecting the spheres are located on the lines.The structure is located in France,at the seaside of Mediterranean Sea 7 km far from the city Marcel,between the two inhabited places(Niolon and La Vesse). Because of relief the structure is divided into two parts,so the resort can keep the seaside and the architecture will be more fitted to the landscape.

There is a recreation zone(boulevard )between the land and the structure which has transitive role between the landscape and the structure as well.The idea of the structure is to float and ¾ part of it is drowned into the sea.The bulks are connected to each other flexibly,so there is possibility to move from one bulk to another freely.It also prevents the structure from water and wind beats.So as a whole the structure is not inflexible,as the bulks are connected to each other flexibly and are in immediate connection with the water movement.(in case of changing the level of the water,the structure will change floating level as well, it will go up and down the water)


A young architect graduated from the Graduated Faculty of the Tbilisi State Academy of Arts