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World ngine Unroll the Blueprint Earth


World ngine Unroll the Blueprint Earth

  • Year2015
  • LocationSpace

World Engine pushes the human expansion beyond our solar system and enabling human to terraform any atmospheric rocky exoplanet and establishes an outer space outpost. It houses terraform equipment and independent life support system for cities during the interstellar travel.

There are few elements to enable human to thrive on unknown exoplanet such as temperatures, atmospheric pressure and composition and gravitational field. These elements formulate three stages of terraforming process to become a blueprint earth.

Stage 1 is an external treatment for an exoplanet. Three types of artificial satellite will be deployed during the process. The function artificial satellites are to modify the exoplanet temperature and daily radiation expose to its sun.

Stage 2 is to establish research facility where experiment and exploration is done during this stage. Made up with hexagon module from the Hive, the facilities is able to detach from the inner wall of the Hive and lower down to the planet with Nano-carbon graded space elevator. The structural design is adaptable to any extreme condition on any exoplanet. Ensuring the safety of the researchers and explorers, the world engine become a space station and constantly connected to the base.

Stage 3 is terraform process where terraform machine will be sent to the exoplanet to begin the process. Terraform machine is built in to hexagon module cities which enable human to adapt to the exoplanet gravitational field at the same time of the terraform process. The cities will be and lower down to the planet with space elevator.

Terraform city houses a giant algae farm at the dome of each hexagon module. Algae is a versatile plant and able to adapt itself to any environment. Due to its ability as a bio-accumulator, algae able purify air and liquid. After that, the algae can be harvested and process it into carbon based building material.