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Zero a pure, natural, perfect and mobile building


Zero a pure, natural, perfect and mobile building

  • Year2013
  • LocationOcean

ZERO is a structure with a shape inspired by the graphics of its own meaning. The reason for the choice of a circular architectural structure reflects the intention is to build a pure, natural, perfect and mobile building, like a living beings.

Its existence is justified to achieve various goals. Save, Live, Monitorize and Colonize.

Behind its various concepts, we have developed a short fiction story.

“The planet suffers a Cataclysm, we need to gather the survivors, the land is no longer a safe place to live.

At other time, this Mega structures was constructed by Society of Nations, will now have a large role to play, collect the survivors and back where life began, the Oceans.

These Giants walked the Oceans, change position for an indefinitely time. All life can do regardless of their complexity. Inside a city works, autonomous, complex, like a single living organism. The ocean has a new king.

Large turbines collect seawater and desalting it, making potable water. Its multiple photosensitive surfaces exploit all the energy from the sun, as well as part of its turbines transform the wave energy in energie.

Frequently the structure change position. Its outer ring is placed in an upright position and rolls together the style of a ferris wheel. This ring has inside endless floors and uses. The modules that compose it are mostly aimed at controlling and Monitoring the oceans. Laboratories and control rooms with privileged views emerge to a depth of up to 200 meters.

When the two rings are in a horizontal position parallel to the ocean, the structure moves and continues its journey. Sometimes sees other ZERO structures, that follow their path. In this position displacement in a exo structure honeycomb up to a height which allows the use it as a sail mast.

Closing this structure we get a semi sphere, a giant and transparente igloo. The cover coating of this exo structure is made by an agglomerate of composite material reinforced polycarbonate and photovoltaic conductive fibers.

So guarantee that this is a transparent igloo is like a super solar panel, which due to its spheric shape warrants energy for any Sun position.

The tubular frame that supports and ensures the stability and strength, inside there is a water conducting system controlled by electro outputs ionizers that in case of being completely closed, ensure the control of humidity levels as well as the quality of indoor air . Sometimes also acts as a rain machine.

But in addition to Serve as Home and Laboratory Monitoring sea, the ZERO has a fundamental role in Colonization.

The nearly 4,000 turbines that allow you to move around in the ocean, from time to time are used to raise the structure out of the water. As a huge hovercraft that flies land, to find a place conducive to re Colonize.

After landing, the first step is to close its shell creating a controlled atmosphere inside. Be in arctic or desert environment, this structure can ensure inside the ideal temperature for optimal survival. The 45 000 m2 of land within view of the interior are rapidly irrigated with desalinated water.

After stabilization of the structure and atmosphere, and after construction or reconstruction of architectural elements, part of the population that was part of ZERO will be left in these various strategic points, ready to recolonize the planet and then return to ensure the balance of Earth.

The ZERO back to the oceans to continue their journey. “

Pedro Filipe

An independant architect