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Climate & rising waters


Climate & rising waters


Focus Laureat
  • Year2022
  • LocationBrazil

Based on indigenous culture, its design resembles a fish trap. It celebrates the indigenous “rich heritage” and way of life, preservation of culture, patrimony, and sustainable development.

Unique in its architectural design, as it was built on wooden stilts following the culture and tradition of the local indigenous culture. With its free and open circulation throughout the Pavillon, it follows the principles of indigenous culture (no walls and environmental divisions).

The upper part will be covered with membranes made from the recycling of pet bottles using the same process as the manufacture of baskets associated with photovoltaic cells and taking advantage of the weaving culture in baskets to make wefts and braids and even the ceilings of your houses, we will use these techniques for the coating on the bottom.

This will rescue and promote the extraordinary craft of basketry to bring it back to life and reinvent it as a new construction technique. In addition, it seeks to present wicker as a sustainable and viable material concept that remains present throughout the building. Basket weaving has a diversity in each indigenous culture which will transform the pavillon into a mosaicof different colors and weaves, since several villages will participate in the construction.

Amauri Gaspar