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NeuroScape Where Innovation Meets Nature


NeuroScape Where Innovation Meets Nature

  • Year2023
A thriving Mars settlement inspired by the neural networks of the human brain.

NeuroScape is a visionary Mars settlement project inspired by the intricate networks of neurons in the human brain. It challenges the notion that the mysteries of the universe are beyond the stars, proposing that some answers may lie within our own minds. Drawing from the efficient communication and adaptability of neurons, this project models urban development on Mars after neural networks. The approach mirrors the way neurons transmit signals, creating an interconnected and efficient community. 

Mikael Tristan Aristo


Team members : Marxoni Lauren, Rio Pratama Dimas, Kurniawan Raymond

My name is Mikael Tristan Aristo and I am a fourth year architecture student at Bandung Institute of Technology, Indonesia. I have a strong competitive and creative drive on most of my activities. These drives have fuelled me throughout my journey as I strive to become a better person and student.