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Ocean hyacinth Floating tidal marsh islands


Ocean hyacinth Floating tidal marsh islands

DesignEcosystemEnergyEnvironmentFloatingFuturisticInfrastructureLandscapeMovableMoving Building
Special Mention
  • Year2014
  • LocationOcean

The contamination of the estuaries is one of the major threats for coastal ecology - these waters need to server as a nursery zone for many fish species and shellfish populations. This project is mainly based on ship breaking as a process of dismantling, recycling and disposing of retired ships to create a natural ecosystem. Ocean Hyacinth is a kind of a floating tidal marsh island which will purifie the contamination caused by the ship breaking process.

Ocean Hyacinth is the combination of various soils, plants, animals and bacterial fauna that will not only filter and break down the contaminants from the sea but also form a tidal marsh ecosystem. In addition to revitalizing Alang's natural costal ecosystem, the two architects also proposed that ocean hyacinth to becomes a platform hosting aquaculture facilities, tidal power generators and lighthouses.


Team member : Daekwon Park