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Focus Laureat
  • Year2022
  • LocationIN ORBIT
Inspired by the biological form, anatomy and community flock of sea urchins as an interplanetary infrastructure through three main ecologies: Resilient Skin Ecology, Space Waste Ecology and Flock Ecology.

Envisioned as a multidecade project, it assembles multiple speculative and independent micro-components, completed as separate missions, over an extensive timeframe culminating in an expanded community of infrastructure al-starports. There is no end. Construction will never finish as it augments through time and space.

Measuring 36 meters in diameter, the expandable “Anchor” is the first unmanned mission to constructing the Urchin. Reanimating the ambition and technologies to build the abandoned Sea Dragon of the 60's space race, the Anchor will be deployed via SpaceX's scaledup version of the Starship 2.0 and launched in the Pacific Ocean.

Patrick Macasaet


Team members : Andre Wee, Dingqiao Deng, Hanlin Wang, Hyunju Kim, Jackson Le, Jingchao Li, Jingyi Wu, Kenny Lam, Khor Yan Chun, Ma Longfei, Minxuan Hou, Oupu Wang, Patrick Macasaet, Qinling Yao, Shao Tian Teo, Sherina Suhartanji, Shuming Zhou, Yi Lou, Zechen Huang